Bearing Monitoring, A14 Hill House Viaduct

Long term movement monitoring system with over 100 high accuracy sensors measuring tilt, displacement, strain and temperature. A successful installation delivered despite complexities faced. Project duration and budget were extremely tight. The structure sits in a remote location, on a floodplain, and over live railway track.

Working with Birse and Atkins, Accolade Measurement Ltd installed this monitoring system to help better understand the movement of this structure and its bearings. Installation required us to liaise with the Environment Agency and Network Rail, as the viaduct spans both the River Gipping and the Great Eastern Main Line.

Data from LVDTs, tilt sensors, strain gauges, crack width sensors and temperature gauges was collected and uploaded to a web portal for easy remote access and analysis. Automated alerts were set to provide immediate notification of structural movements outside of acceptable limits.

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