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Welcome to our Services hub, where quality, safety, and precision converge. At Accolade Measurement, we offer a diverse portfolio of testing and monitoring solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your projects. From structural health monitoring to load testing, discover how our expertise and cutting-edge technology can serve as the foundation for your success.


Remote Condition Monitoring

Installed Measurement Systems For Remote Data Collection, Automated Analysis And Active Responses

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Dynamic Load Measurement

Detection Of Force Effects In Individual Components

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Data Science

Leveraging Machine Learning For Anomaly Detection

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Structural Health Monitoring

Observation Of Bridge And Building Responses

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Load Testing

Bespoke Load Tests

Anything Can Be Load Tested, It’s Just A Matter Of Applying Our Expertise

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Lifting Beam Tests

Next Day Testing And Certification Of Lifting And Runway Beams

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Structural Load Capacity Tests

Bridges And Building Floors Can Be Tested To Demonstrate Performance

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Barrier Testing

Certification For Sports Stadia, Shopping Centres, Car Parks And Balconies

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Fixings Load Testing

Pull-Out And Pull-Off Testing For Installed Anchors

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