Case studies

Explore our collection of case studies to gain insights into how Accolade Measurement's precision testing and monitoring solutions have been instrumental in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of various projects. Through these real-world examples, witness our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Barrier Load Testing, Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Lane

Load testing of temporary crowd control barriers at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. during construction of their new stadium. All work in accordance with the Home Office’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.

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Floor Load Testing, Car Manufacturing Plant

Car park floor load test using bespoke water containers for load application. Load applied over a large floor area, loading sections of the concrete floor sequentially, to better understand the behaviour of the whole structure under load.

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Dock Leveller Load Testing

Designed and constructed a large load test rig to enable testing and certification of a range of dock levellers, all in accordance with BS EN 1398:2009.

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Prototype Marine Lifting Component Load Testing, France

Large scale, submersible, prototype marine component load tested to over 700 tonnes. Our team worked with Irish and French engineers to successfully deliver this project. Our dedicated team relocated to Northern France for the project duration.

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Roof Monitoring During Refurbishment Works, Paddington Station London

Automated safety critical global movement monitoring of a historic structure with the use of over 300 vibrating wire strain gauges (VWSG).

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New Housing Development Fixing Load Testing, London

Working under a framework agreement we provide fixed price testing of fixings for MPrice Ltd at their sites across London. Testing and reporting is in accordance with BS8539:2012 and CFA guidelines.

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Bearing Monitoring, A14 Hill House Viaduct

Long term movement monitoring system with over 100 high accuracy sensors measuring tilt, displacement, strain and temperature. A successful installation delivered despite complexities faced. Project duration and budget were extremely tight. The structure sits in a remote location, on a floodplain, and over live railway track.

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Offshore Monitoring of FPSO Swivel Drive Plate, Vietnam

Innovative monitoring system consisting of intrinsically safe submersible sensors, fully integrated into onboard control room system. An offshore installation on an oil ship delivered by our BOSIET trained engineers under significant time pressure.

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Hammersmith Flyover Bearing Replacement Monitoring

High frequency monitoring system with over 200 sensors, real-time web portal access to all data, confined space installation, collaborative working with multiple stakeholders and delivered results under time pressure.

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