Barrier Load Testing, Tottenham Hotspur White Hart Lane

Load testing of temporary crowd control barriers at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. during construction of their new stadium. All work in accordance with the Home Office’s Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.

Accolade Measurement Ltd provide a complete barrier safety service for sports ground owners. We conduct barrier assessment, strengthening, replacement and testing all in house and all in accordance with the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds; the Green Guide.

We have developed a range of test apparatus to hydraulically load barriers of all shapes and sizes. At Tottenham Hotspur, we load tested the temporary barriers installed during construction work on site. This enabled the ground to keep much of the seats in the affected areas in full use.

We are keen to share our knowledge in barrier testing with others so please get in touch with any questions you have. We have had some discussions with The Sports Ground Safety Advisory Group and will be contributing to improvements in the latest version of the Green Guide.

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