Structural Health Monitoring

Wireless monitoring for bridges, rail, highways and more

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Observation Of Bridge And Building Responses

Structural Health Monitoring

Instrumentation and measurement are the core of our business. We collaborate to plan, design, implement, operate, and maintain monitoring solutions. Taking raw data, we add value by combining automation processes and manual reviews for practical engineering information.

Applications include investigations for structural behaviour, research projects and product reliability tests.

Structural health monitoring can be designed into a structure at the outset or retrofitted to existing assets to understand the behaviour. Monitoring provides data which is both automatically and manually reviewed for:

• Information required

• Fact based decision making

• Safe use

• Timely interventions

As a UK-based independent company we are not tied to any sensor or data acquisition products, free to select from the best available and to create our own solutions where optimal for the given measurement problems. Data from any monitoring system (installed by us or others) can be fed to our hosting server and displayed in our user interface.

Our team of experienced engineers, project managers and technicians are trained to work on any site including, rail, at height, in confined spaces and offshore. Projects can be managed end to end from initial concept, through system design, installation, setup, and maintenance, to client training and handover, or eventual decommissioning.

We have a history of making great measurements
Unwavering Commitment to Safety and Accuracy.

We have a history of making great measurements

Accolade Measurement Ltd is a specialist company delivering accurate and cost effective solutions in static and dynamic load testing, instrumentation and movement monitoring of structures, vehicles and mechanisms.

Our work ranges from safety critical structural monitoring of large constructions, to routine safety tests, and includes the design of bespoke test and monitoring solutions.

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