Hammersmith Flyover Bearing Replacement Monitoring

High frequency monitoring system with over 200 sensors, real-time web portal access to all data, confined space installation, collaborative working with multiple stakeholders and delivered results under time pressure.

Accolade Measurement Ltd undertook safety critical high accuracy monitoring of A4 Hammersmith flyover movement during jacking of piers for bearing replacement.

We developed an innovative high frequency automated monitoring system to measure movement in three axes and display live data to the jacking control room, while simultaneously making all real-time data available via our online portal.

The monitoring system was installed within a confined space with all our project staff confined space trained. The work was completed over a period of approximately 10 months, and during this time we worked closely with the main contactor Costain, and the consultants for the project, Ramboll to ensure the flyover was kept in use while works were ongoing.

An extract of our reference from project director Matthew Collings of Ramboll:

“We were extremely impressed by the technical performance of Accolade and the monitoring system that they developed and installed for the replacement of the bearings on the Hammersmith Flyover where Ramboll were the Designer.

Throughout the process from early discussions through to detailed design and implementation they demonstrated a proactive and open approach and sound technical experience. Accolade worked collaboratively with the project team to develop a monitoring system that met the demanding Project Requirements within complex constraints. This was achieved against very onerous project timescales.

The installed system worked exceptionally well and exceeded our expectations. Following initial testing and review we quickly gained a very high level of confidence in the results that were reported. A particularly high degree of precision was required; the system performed excellently. We had a very high level of confidence in reported values and their repeatability and were routinely working to an accuracy of 0.1mm and on occasions even better.

We enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Accolade and we would definitely recommend them to our clients in the future.”

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