Proof Load Tests

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Proof Load Tests (Or Proving Load Tests) Demonstrate Directly That A Structure Has The Full Required Capacity

Structural Load Capacity Tests
Proof Load Tests

Load paths and hidden capacity can be difficult to predict and model, but physical testing measures the real performance.

Supplementary (diagnostic) load tests are ideal for comparing to a structural computer model, where by parameters can be calibrated and improved

 Proof load tests can be applied for giving direct evidence of capacity to a maximum load criteria

Accolade can determine tests, specify parameters, conduct, monitor and report for all types of floor load tests. Results can often provide assurance of increased safe capacity of the asset and verify what modelling cannot.

Proof load tests are often required to validate design calculations, demonstrate the quality of an installation or confirm the safety and suitability of a load bearing structure. The proof test load of a component or structure is made up of its maximum design service load multiplied by the proof factor, also known as the safety factor.

Proof load testing is often performed to prove the suitability of a prototype, ensure correct installation prior to entering service, to confirm whether the load bearing structure can withstand additional uses, or to verify whether the existing component is still fit for purpose.

Proof load tests must be conducted in accordance with the relevant International or British Standard. Test observations and results must also be recorded and reported accurately.

It is important that engineers doing the work have the right expertise and attitude to complete the work correctly and safely. This is of particular importance where the expected behaviour of the load bearing structure is uncertain, or testing is of a safety critical nature.

Our load tests for bridges are always overseen by a Chartered Civil Engineer, experienced in structural design, assessment and load testing – a uniquely comprehensive understanding of proof load testing.

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Accolade Measurement Ltd is a specialist company delivering accurate and cost effective solutions in static and dynamic load testing, instrumentation and movement monitoring of structures, vehicles and mechanisms.

Our work ranges from safety critical structural monitoring of large constructions, to routine safety tests, and includes the design of bespoke test and monitoring solutions.

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