Mechanical Load Testing

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Tests For The Strength And Stiffness Of Mechanical Engineering Parts, Including Moving Components And Drive Shafts, While In Or Out Of Service

Bespoke Load Tests
Mechanical Load Testing

Accolade Measurement has over 30 years’ expertise in delivering static and dynamic load testing of many features including structures, components, parts and products. Loads applied range from a few kilograms to hundreds of tonnes.

We have tested many specialist and obscure parts in various ways. Tests can include:

• Tensile tests – a uniaxial force is applied to load the sample in tension

• Compression tests – force is applied to load the sample in compression

• Shear tests – a force is applied in the plane parallel to the cross section of the sample

• Bending tests – support the sample at either end and apply the load at midspan in 3-point or 4-point bending.

• Fatigue tests – a cyclic load applied to the sample to simulate its lifetime service use

• Bond strength tests – a force is applied to the adhesive sandwiched between test dollies

• Proof tests – a load applied to the sample that it must resist within deformation limits

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Accolade Measurement Ltd is a specialist company delivering accurate and cost effective solutions in static and dynamic load testing, instrumentation and movement monitoring of structures, vehicles and mechanisms.

Our work ranges from safety critical structural monitoring of large constructions, to routine safety tests, and includes the design of bespoke test and monitoring solutions.

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