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Fixings Load Testing
Pull Out Testing

Cast-in and post-installed fixings require testing for proof of safe loading capacity

Accolade specialises in pull out and pull-off testing. We ensure your fixings and finishes are intact, safe and fit for the load intended, which helps guarantee safety on site.

We provide preliminary and proof load testing for:

• BS 8539 for post-installed fixings in concrete or masonry

• Construction Fixings Association (CFA) Guidance Notes

• BS 8204 Parts 1 to 6 for screeds, bases and in-situ floorings

Fixing testing we offer includes:

• Pull out testing

• Pull off testing

• Seasonal fixings testing

Why choose Accolade Measurement?

All our fixing load tests are completed by qualified engineers with extensive practical experience. With our engineering knowledge and years of practice in load testing, we can identify problems fast and offer advice on how these can be rectified most efficiently and economically.

With over 30 years engineering experience and our extensive range of bespoke UKAS traceable calibrated load testing equipment Accolade Measurement provide accurate and fast load testing in residential, educational, commercial, retail, arts and sporting premises.

Our UKAS ISO 9001 certification is evidence of our commitment to provide services to a high standard and to continuous improvement.

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Unwavering Commitment to Safety and Accuracy.

Experts in structural health monitoring and load testing

Accolade Measurement Ltd is a specialist company delivering accurate and cost effective solutions in static and dynamic load testing, instrumentation and movement monitoring of structures, vehicles and mechanisms.

Our work ranges from safety critical structural monitoring of large constructions, to routine safety tests, and includes the design of bespoke test and monitoring solutions.

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